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Wilkens Contracting and Toronto Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been at the center of hearth and home since the construction of shelters within our species’ history. They act as a source of heat, light, and food, fireplaces can be defined as the heart of our homes. Wilkens Contracting in Toronto focuses a great deal of energy and time perfecting our fireplaces as a means to provide our clients with a healthy heartbeat for their homes.

To learn what Wilkens Contracting can do for you and your fireplace, read on for more details!

Expert Service

Fire has been the driving force behind human evolution, and as such, fireplaces have become a gathering place for human interaction. Serving as a focal point in a room, Wilkens Contracting understands the importance of fireplaces in your Toronto based homes. Our company has been building, reconstructing, and repairing wood-burning fireplaces for over thirty-five years now, making us experts in the industry.

Since our conception in 1977, Wilkens Contracting has been the leading fireplace restoration company in the Toronto area. If you or someone you know are looking to entrust the heart of their homes to construction- you have come to the right place. Here at Wilkens Contracting, we provide top quality services to all of our clients. Take a look at our testimonials to see just how serious we take our business!

Materials Galore

Wilkens Contracting offers their Toronto clients an array of materials to use in the construction and repair of their fireplaces. Whether you are looking for a fireplace that will act as the eye-catching focal point, match the elegant interior of your home, or the unique personality of your furniture, we have the materials for you!

Many clients ask us to completely rebuild their fireplaces to match modern designs and contemporary looks. We are happy to revitalize your hearth as a means to breath new life back into the home. Wilkens Contracting offers a host of materials to achieve your desired look. The facade of your fireplace can be built, or rebuilt, with marble, tiles, stone, brick, or slate to suit you and your home’s design.

We can be the cardiologist of the contracting industry- resurrecting your fireplace to become the heart of your hearth and home. Overall, Wilkens Contracting can provide all of our prospective Toronto clients with the fireplaces they deserve!

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