Masonry Restoration with Wilkens Contracting

Masonry Restoration at Wilkens Contracting

Wilkens Contracting sees the art and beauty behind perfectly executed masonry restoration. If you are in the Greater Toronto area and are looking for someone to repair your walls, fireplaces, or chimneys, look no further than Wilkens Contracting.

Read on to learn why Wilkens Contracting is leagues above the rest!

Centuries-Old Knowledge

Technological progression of stonework and architectural integrity is what has propelled humanity into the future. With a focus on building bigger, better, and stronger structures, our history is filled with buildings that have lasted generations. This is all thanks to the builders who spearheaded innovative stone techniques and dared to try new materials and architectural forms.

Here at Wilkens Contracting, we take the knowledge gathered through centuries of masonry work and use it in our twenty-first-century jobs to produce the highest quality stonework our clients can be proud of.


Here at Wilkens Contracting tuckpointing is just one of the masonry restoration projects we can undertake. Tuckpointing is most often used for aesthetic repairs and maintenance when the bricks begin to spall (crumble and break apart on the surface).  We focus on evening out the mortar joints of older brickwork to give an even and unified look to the structure.

Our masons tint the mortar before applying directly to the joints, so the new material can blend evenly with the existing colours and shadowing. By doing it this way, Wilkens Contracting will leave your brickwork looking seamlessly vibrant so you won’t have to worry about the eyesore of patchwork or mismatched bricks. Take a look at all of our tuckpointing testimonials from our previous satisfied clients.


Wilkens Contracting also offers other types of masonry restoration. We can create new openings in your walls for all of your renovation projects, whether they are window size, door size, or any size in between. Our company can also resize openings to fit new frames.

Our masons have access to many types of antique bricks, so we can easily match the materials used on many older structures in Toronto, so you won’t have to worry about any unsightly repairs. Have a look at our photo gallery to see the seamless work with your own eyes!

Wilkens Contracting brings that knowledge and understanding to every one of our masonry restoration jobs. We see the beauty in perfectly executed masonry. Our company takes pride in the work we do, and we want you to take pride in it with us.

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