Benefits of Tuck-pointing

Benefits of Tuck-pointing

Brickwork when in peak condition looks beautiful and serves the structural function of keeping your home stable and safe. If the masonry falls into disrepair, many problems could be waiting for you with every crumbling mortar joint and broken brick. Tuck-pointing facilitated by our team at Wilkens Contracting will see your damaged mortar replaced with fresh mortar, bringing you many benefits in the process.

Stops Corrosion

The corrosion of your mortar joints and the overall decrease to the stability of your structure is stopped in its tracks when you obtain quality tuck-pointing from professionals. We will restore the overall quality of your brick structure, whether it is your home’s wall or chimney.

Prevents Water Damage

Maybe your home has already suffered from some water damage, and that is how you found out you needed brick repair in the first place. By calling Wilkens Contracting and letting us facilitate your tuck-pointing, we can prevent further damage to your home and to your wallet. Repairing the joints in your bricks, whether it is on your wall or maybe your chimney is simply home maintenance.

Financially Viable

Obtaining repairs on your brick walls or chimney when the damage first begins to become apparent will save you money in the long run. It is much more cost-effective to tuck-point brickwork before the destruction compounds. If you leave the repairs too late, it could result in a whole tear down and rebuild of the wall or chimney, generating a much more significant expense than a small restoration job would have cost.

On top of the savings from an extensive restoration job, you could be gaining money. When your home is in excellent condition, with top-notch masonry on display, the value of your house can improve. Whether you are looking to sell, or just appreciate a smaller hit to your wallet, tuck-pointing is a financially viable option of repair.

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