How To Check Fireplaces For Hazards In Toronto Homes

How To Check Fireplaces For Hazards In Toronto Homes

Lighting up a fire in your fireplace creates a sense of coziness and relaxation, but when a fireplace or chimney falls into disrepair, calming feelings can quickly turn into panic and danger. Learn how to check fireplaces for hazards in Toronto homes, so you don’t fall victim to a house fire and the ensuing damage and destruction it causes. In this article by Wilkens Contracting, we will go over some of the signs of a damaged fireplace and what you should do in those cases, so continue below to find out how to safely examine the hearth of your home.

Look Over Your Firebox

The firebox is the area of the fireplace where you build your fire on the inner hearth. It is essential to check the interior of this section, examining the lining for any cracks or gaps and noticeable signs of wear. If you do spot these things, then call a professional for repair services. If left untreated, and the fireplace continues to see use, you could cause severe and permanent damage to your home.

Examine The Area For Smoke Stains

One of the most noticeable signs that your fireplace could be hazardous to use is the telltale markings of smoke stains. If you notice these stains on the ceiling, or above the fireplace opening, the inner workings of your fireplace are damaged and need professional repairs.

Check Your Chimney, and it’s Cap

The chimney cap is a covering that sits atop your home’s chimney on the outside, ensuring that outside debris, animals, and rainwater do not enter the chimney and reach the fireplace. Make sure your chimney cap is secure, and while you’re at it, examine the overall state of the stack itself. As chimneys are open to environmental conditions year-round, inspecting the structural integrity of your chimney is a must when considering fireplace hazards.

The Wood You Use

When you check for fireplace hazards, you should not only check the fireplace and chimney but consider looking at the wood you use to fuel your fire as well. Make sure not to use chemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, or charcoal starters. Do not use painted or pressure-treated wood, as they are known to produce toxic chemicals in the home. Wet and rotten wood, as well as diseased or mouldy wood pieces,  should be avoided as well.

Enlist Our Help

With these pointers in mind, individuals can check fireplaces for hazards in Toronto homes easily and efficiently. If you have thoroughly examined your fireplace, and have noticed signs of damage, then give us a call at Wilkens Contracting, and we would be more than happy to facilitate the required repairs! We offer a free estimate to the Greater Toronto Area, so give us a call today and secure yourself one now.

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Benefits Of A Fireplace In My Home

Benefits Of A Fireplace In My Home

Some things in life can’t be beaten; the pristine beauty of a winter’s first snowfall, being the first one to jump into that untouched snow, and the feeling you get after coming in from the cold outdoors, stripping off those wet clothes, and thawing out in front of a warm fire. Looking to indulge yourself this winter in much the same way, but your fireplace has fallen into disrepair? No need to worry! Wilkens Contracting offers the GTA expert fireplace repairs and builds for those looking to benefit from a fire this winter.


Eco-friendly heating, or just a great alternative to using electricity, a fireplace is a perfect way to heat your home. Light a fire to add a little extra warmth to your home, on top of your electricity, or use it as a sole source of heating and cut down on your energy costs!

 What’s best, if the power ever goes out, especially during the winter, you will have your fireplace to keep you warm.


What’s better than snuggling up to the fire with a big blanket, a cup of tea, and a great book? Not much, that’s what! Fireplaces offer a space to recline and unwind, letting the warmth seep through your bones and muscles to reach optimum relaxation.

 Alone, or huddled around the crackling flames with family and friends, there is nothing cozier than spending some quality time in front of your fireplace.


The ambiance of a fireplace can completely change the dynamic of the room. Set a blazing fire to completely light up the room during those cold, dark winter nights, or keep a small flame alight for those romantic dinner plans of yours. Whatever your intentions, using a fireplace to set the mood will make your space feel that much more warm and inviting for you and your guests.

That’s where we come in, as Wilkens Contracting has decades of experience in repairing and maintaining the proper safety standards of fireplaces and chimneys across the GTA. Whether you are in the market for repairs, rebuilds, or a new fireplace, Wilkens Contracting has you covered!

Contact us online or visit our facility in person to get your fireplace builds and repairs underway with us this season!

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