New Chimneys In Toronto

New Chimneys In Toronto

The use of chimneys dates back to the 11th and 12th century Europe, and since then, have become a staple to any home with a fireplace. They play an essential role in releasing smoke and toxins into the air, instead of the house, and help to keep the fireplace functioning correctly. If you have been using your fireplace extensively this past winter, and are looking to repair, build new chimneys for your Toronto home, then we here at Wilkens Contracting can help. To learn more about our chimney services, please continue to read through this article before giving us a call today!

Canadian Climate

With the harsh Canadian winters behind us for another year, now is the time to check the state of your chimney and enlist the help of professionals to ensure its integrity. As chimneys are open to environmental damage 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, making sure your chimney is structurally sound, and in a good enough state to use, is essential to the safety of your home. If your chimney is in poor condition, and you fear for the protection of your home, then we can help repair or build you a new one!

Safety First

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining, or repairing and rebuilding chimneys, safety should be the primary concern of all involved. Producing a pleasing aesthetic is an integral part of what we do, but when it comes to the safety and proper functioning of a chimney, this is always first and foremost in our minds.

Poorly maintained chimneys that are used can lead to fires that burn up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. An estimated 25,000 chimney fires happened in America in one year, resulting in an accumulated $120 million in damage. Therefore, making sure your chimney is in good working order before using it, is essential. If you notice that your chimney is in ill repair, and you would like to use it, then please enlist the help of professionals, like us here at Wilkens Contracting, to make sure it is up to the job!

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This is the perfect season to check the state, and safety, of your chimney, and enlist the help of our professional team at Wilkens Contracting to build your new chimneys in Toronto!

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How Can a New Chimney Benefit my Home

How Can a New Chimney Benefit my Home

This winter season have you been noticing the poor state of your chimney or fireplace, leading you to question how your old, worn-out ventilation stack might be causing you and your home harm? Obtaining a new chimney could see you receiving many more benefits to your life than your poorly maintained chimney was giving you. Enlisting the help of our expert team of builders at Wilkens Contracting could hold you in great stead come the next winter season!

Increased Heating and Safety

A chimney in poor working order will not be as efficient at heating your home and releasing the smoke out into the sky. You might not want to use it for fear of its degenerative state. With a new chimney, you can use your fireplace more effectively, heating your home without worry.

Using your fireplace and new chimney regularly could also see you saving money when it comes to your heating bills.

Mood Inducing

Your overall mood and emotional state could benefit this winter season thanks to a new chimney, as you will be more likely to use your fireplace. And what’s better than curling up by a fire, with a good book and a nice cup of tea during the winter? Not much. Your fireplace is the perfect setting for a romantic evening in or a relaxing afternoon too.

Free Estimate

We offer a free chimney estimate to all of our potential clients who wish to hire us to build a new chimney, or repair their old one. We do this as a way to show our sincerity at transparency. Just provide us with your contact information and what you are looking to have done, and we will get back to you in a prompt manner!

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New Chimney in Toronto

New Chimney in Toronto with Wilkens Contracting

Chimneys serve multiple functions within a structure- they provide a passageway for the smoke to escape, assist with the buildings heating process, add aesthetic to the structure as a whole and have been an asset to our homes for centuries. If you are in need of a new chimney in the Toronto area, look to us here at Wilkens Contracting to receive the best care on the market!

Causes of Deterioration

Toronto chimneys fall into disrepair due to two main reasons: the elements and the exhaust of the heating system. With Canadian winter coming on quickly, you should look to the integrity of your chimney now more than ever. The wear and tear from our weather, combined with the required heating to ward off such weather, Toronto chimneys see a lot of use during the colder seasons.

When the warm exhaust of the furnace or boiler coincides with the cold air from outside, condensation collects along the exposed chimney and the base of the roof. This ongoing moisture deteriorates the brick causing crumbling or spalling of the material. If left too long, the stack can begin to rot, making it essential to repair or rebuild to continue to serve its purpose adequately.

Chimneys mainly need repair on the outside of the home, atop the roof, as that is where they are vulnerable to the elements. Wilkens Contracting understands this type of elemental damage in the Toronto area and can provide you with a new chimney that can withstand the region’s harsh weather.

Corbel Conundrum

Many people hold to the belief that the design of the top part of your chimney is to blame for the deterioration of the entity as a whole. That older designs of chimneys cannot withstand modern heating and should be substituted with concrete caps as a means to offset the damage caused. This is simply not true.

Companies push the use of precast concrete caps, a product produced after the 1950s. Wilkens Contracting understands that many Toronto homes were built before the 1950s, and as such, should receive chimney care and products that match the time period and design of the structure. Here at Wilken Contracting, we believe that placing a corbel top on your new chimney will keep the historical integrity of your Toronto home while still serving the function they were initially designed for, without compromising the effectiveness and performance of the overall chimney.

Next time you are in an older part of the Toronto area, take a look at the chimneys and notice the use of the corbel designs! With decades of experience in the Toronto area, Wilkens Contracting knows what materials and designs are needed in the case of a new chimney or chimney repairs.

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